Reamping is the process of taking a clean DI’d guitar or bass signal and running it through an amplifier. If you’re working from a home studio with noise limitations, or you don’t have access to a great selection of amps, cabs and pedals, i’ve got you covered.

At any time, I have at least 17 guitar amps available – from vintage amps like my 1976 Fender Twin, 1970’s Selmer Treble N Bass or my 1980s Marshall JCM800 to modern builds such as the Peavey 6505+, Orange Rockerverb and Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I have a selection of cabs with both Celestion Vintage 30 and Greenback speakers and a ton of distortion, fuzz, overdrive, reverb, delay and modulation pedals to get the right tones for your record. (full equipment list is here). Unlike a lot of reamping services mainly catering to genres like metalcore, i’m very much focusing this towards punk and indie – fuzzed out or wild and unique tones to compliment the excitement of your record.

All I need is the backing track (drums, bass, vocals etc) you’re working to, the clean DI’s to reamp, and the guide guitar tones you’ve been using while recording and we’re good to go!
My rates for reamping are:
– £10 per audio track

A typical example would be reamping for a song with two rhythm guitars and one lead guitar, this would come to £30.

Ready to reamp? Send me a message!