Hi, my name is Bob Cooper and i’m a record producer, mixer and mastering engineer based in Leeds, UK. I run a recording studio called Crooked Rain and once I tried to take two days away from the studio and had to go in at midnight on the second day because I missed it too much.

I specialise in making records with punk and indie bands (and their respective subgenres and subcultures) with a focus on capturing and hi-lighting what makes them unique and exciting.

I’ve aimed to create a space where a band could come with nothing and still make an amazing record, so i’ve built my equipment collection to reflect the kind of music I love to work with. At any time the studio has a huge collection of instruments, drums, amps, and pedals to help realise a band’s creative vision. I’m incredibly proud that I’ve been lucky enough to work with bands from around the world who’ve come to the studio with nothing and were able to do just that.

I’ve been involved in the production of over 1000 songs, doing work in New York, Beijing, Barcelona as well as my home base of Leeds with bands like Nai Harvest, Nervus, Self Defense Family, Citizen, Brawlers, Muskets, Kamikaze Girls with records being released on Sony, Deathwish Inc, Topshelf Records, No Sleep, Big Scary Monsters. My work has been regularly featured on publications such as Vice, Pitchfork, Stereogum, DIY, Kerrang! and Rocksound, and my clients have toured and played shows all over the world.

If you’d like to make a record together, feel free to email me.

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